Best Buy offers big screen deals for the Super Bowl

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The Super Bowl is this weekend marking the only game of the year that a lot of folks will watch and the only time of the year when we actually want to see commercials. If you are rocking an old and small TV set, that just won't cut it for the big game. It's not too late to upgrade though and Best Buy has some really good deals on Samsung gear for the game.Best Buy is offering a Samsung 55-inch LED backlit HDTV that is 3D ready and more for $1999.99, which is a giant discount of $1,300 off the normal price. If that is too large for you, a 46-inch LED backlit 3D TV with 240Hz refresh rate for $1,899.99. That is a discount of $1,030.

Best Buy is also offering up a free Samsung WiFi ready Blu-ray player with the purchase of some Samsung TVs. Best Buy also promises to give you 50% of your money back on your TV if you trade it in on a newer set within four years of purchase.