Best Buy now lets you shop with Amazon Alexa

Adam Westlake - Nov 5, 2017, 7:30am CST
Best Buy now lets you shop with Amazon Alexa

It seems that Amazon has become such a dominant force in the online shopping market that even big box retail stores are bending over backwards to cooperate with the company. Best Buy is the latest to add support for Alexa, the Echo speaker’s digital assistant, allowing users to both shop and place orders using a simple voice command.

The new Best Buy skill is available now for Alexa-powered devices. Once users connect their Best Buy account with Alexa, they can use the command “Alexa, talk to Best Buy” to hear Best Buy’s Deal of the Day sales, as well as order items from select categories. The voice assistant can also answer questions about products like TVs and laptops, offering recommendations based information from the user.

Of course, Best Buy playing friendly with Alexa isn’t too much of a surprise; the retailer started selling the Amazon Echo — and the Google Home smart speaker — at 700 locations earlier this year. Similarly, Best Buy is the latest to hop on the voice-shopping bandwagon, joining stores like Walmart and Target in letting users shop with Google Assistant.

“We’re exploring, we’re just getting started,” said a Best Buy spokesperson about their new Alexa skill, adding they plan to add more product categories in the near future. With the holiday shopping season almost here, it makes sense that retailers would be eager to try any new avenue to attract customers.


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