Best Buy kills restocking fee on phones and other gear

Shane McGlaun - Dec 20, 2010
Best Buy kills restocking fee on phones and other gear

Best Buy has always been good enough at taking back electronics and mobile phones. The catch was that the company charged a restocking fee on those items that could be very expensive depending on what you were returning.

The restocking fee on iPhone for instance was set at 10% and the restocking fee on other electronics was 15%. Best Buy has now eliminated those restocking fees as of Saturday. The Consumerist reports that the 15% restock fee no longer applies on notebooks, tablets, and iPads for instance. Other products that can be returned with no restocking fee include camcorders, digital cameras, GPS and a lot more.

The fees aren’t just being eliminated for the holidays either, this will apparently be the new policy for Best Buy from here on out. I am glad to see these restocking fees eliminated and I would bet lots of other gadget hounds are too. It seems that Best Buy is even refunding the restocking fees charged to customers that returned items between November 17 and December 17 as well.

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