Best Buy Insignia NS-CNV20 & CNV10 GPS with cellular connections

Best Buy are preparing to launch a pair of new GPS units that will include a cellular connection, allowing the navigation devices to access real-time traffic data and local Google searches.  Released under the store's own Insignia brand, the NS-CNV20 and NS-CNV10 will be differentiated by screen-size and hands-free use: the former will have a 4.3-inch touchscreen display and Bluetooth.

The NS-CNV10, meanwhile, drops the Bluetooth and has a smaller 3.5-inch touchscreen.  Nonetheless, both will be able to use the data connection with no service fees over the first year.  Users will also be able to plan a journey on their home PC and transfer the routes and waypoints to the Insignia units wirelessly over the cellular network.

Both will go on sale on October 19th, priced at $499 for the NS-CNV20 and $399 for the NS-CNV10.  It will be interesting to see how the two GPS compare to the Dash Express, currently the only WWAN-enabled standalone navigation system with live Google Local search on sale in the US.

[via GPS Tracklog]