Best Buy HDTV with TiVo may be in testing right now

Smart TVs and connected TVs are doing pretty well it the market right now. These sets give users access to web content on their TV without needing a new box or other device. Typically, you can stream things like Netflix and other online content with most connected TVs.

One thing that the Best Buy Insignia brand is lacking is connected TVs and according to sources cited by Zatz Not Funny a HDTV packing in TiVo tech for Insignia might be in testing right now. TiVo and Best Buy announced last year that they would be working together on TiVo TVs and as of now, nothing has surfaced. The hint that the set might be in testing right now comes from the logs of a networked TiVo game with the string "has-recording-storage = false listed".

Zatz Not Funny reckons it could be a TiVo extender, but the TiVo TV for Insignia is more likely. However, there are some rumors that a powerline or MOCA TiVo extender might be in testing right now. The source on that extender testing also claimed that it will be only for newer TiVo hardware and existing S3 and HD models won't support the extender.

[via Zatz Not Funny]