Best Buy getting sued for $54 million over lost laptop

Best Buy, notoriously one of the worst companies as far as handling data and hardware, is at it again. This time they didn't steal the porn off of the notebook, they just lost it, the whole notebook, gone. So I, like Ms. Campbell, am curious as to how a company like Best Buy can just lose a laptop from a "Secure" area?

The lady bought the notebook a while back for $1100, got the extended warranty, and then started using it. As occasionally happens, something went wrong so she took it in for repair in May. Slowly but surely over the course of the summer they continued to blow her off, not wanting to tell her that they had lost her notebook.

Eventually they told here that they'd lost the laptop, but they said they would replace it. Their laughable offer was a $900 gift card, a considerable $500 less than the $1100 laptop cost plus the $300 extended warranty cost. Obviously she rejected the offer and stated quite clearly that she would only accept $2100 cash, a reasonable amount considering she didn't just lose a laptop and the warranty that goes with it, but all the software and data that was on the notebook.

They continued with their shenanigans offering combinations of cash/gift cards that fell below the reasonable $2100 mark and didn't offer anything even close to $2100 until she filed the lawsuit for $54m, and that was only if she signed an agreement to keep her mouth shut. Well, she didn't, largely because their new $2500 offer wouldn't cover here new legal fees on top of the cost of the laptop and data lost.

So, she is continuing with the lawsuit and letting everyone know that she has no delusional expectation of actually being rewarded the $54 million amount, but that she made it so high to get the media's attention on her case and Best Buy's poor practices on whole, and she has done just that. In case you were wondering, that is her picture above, and her name is Raelyn Campbell.

[via DailyTech]