Best Buy Galaxy S III leak results in lawsuit

So we all know the typical life of the rumor mill that surrounds a new electronic device, right? Before the product is announced, tips and leaks come from overseas manufacturing plants, but once the device becomes a known quantity, everyone turns to one channel for unannounced product info – the retail channel. But Best Buy wants to put an end to that side of the cycle.

The Minnesota-based retail giant has been the source of many rumors about release dates and product pricing. And we've all just come to expect it. However, Best Buy has taken the extreme measure of bringing a lawsuit against whoever the culprit was who leaked details about a very important and secretive gadget – Samsung's Galaxy S III phone. The only problem is, it doesn't know who that culprit is.

But filing a lawsuit will allow it the authority to dig deeper and find out. The investigation is no doubt brought on by the persuasion of Samsung, which has proven that it is lawsuit-happy over the last few years. "Confidential Marketing Information is developed by Best Buy and is distributed only to a select group of Best Buy employees on a 'need to know' basis, and to selected third-party service providers and their employees by means of a secure, password-protected Web site. The Defendants ... have intentionally and wrongfully interfered with Best Buy's business interests and economic relation," Best Buy wrote in its claim.

[via CBC]