Best Buy faces criminal investigation for pornography on display TV

Best Buy has apologized for the fact that pornography managed to show up on a 55-inch TV in its store two days in a row. The retailer said it did not know who was responsible for the salacious content, but said it was due to someone hacking into the store's Wi-Fi network. One shopper was quoted as describing the images that appeared on the screen as "extremely, extremely pornographic." A police report was even filed by an offended customer.

The customer said Best Buy was guilty of "dissemination of pornographic material." The local police where this situation occurred, in Greenville, South Carolina, will investigate. A police spokesperson said it will need to see the images in question to determine whether or not a law was actually broken. The woman who made the complaint said she felt "extremely violated." There were also children in the store who were exposed to the content.

A statement from Best Buy's corporate office was sent to the local CBS affiliated, saying, "Two individuals accessed our store's wireless signal to broadcast inappropriate content on a smart television display. In both cases, we worked immediately to disable the inappropriate content. We greatly apologize for this unfortunate incident and we are working to ensure that it does not happen again." Part of the police investigation will be to determine why the store's Wi-Fi network was so easy to break into.

[via AVN]