Best Buy drops all televisions without digital tuners from shelves

I'm sure that most of you know that eventually you won't be able to get analog TV over-the-air anymore. Thankfully the date has been pushed back (more than once I believe) to February 17, 2009. Even though that date is still pretty far away, many people use the same TVs for years, which means that if you buy a TV with that has only an analog tuner, you're going to likely regret it.

While it's true that you'll be able to purchase an digital-to-analog converter for a reasonable price thanks to a government coupon system, it only makes sense that if you're buying a new TV that you get one with a digital tuner. Many people are tech savvy enough to know this difference, so Best Buy has eliminated all of their TVs that only have analog tuners.

This likely wasn't too difficult as most TVs on the market now include digital tuners, but it is a great move nonetheless. I imagine that other retailers will soon follow suit.

Best Buy Ditches Analog TVs  [via dailytech]