Best Buy cancels some online orders days before Christmas

If you placed an order for any holiday gifts via Best Buy online that you haven't received yet, you need to check on them quickly. Best Buy has announced that it will not be able to fill all orders made as far back as November before Christmas. Some of the popular products that were ordered online are not able to be filled at this time.

The bad part is that Best Buy is offering no indications of what products are no longer in stock, or how many orders have been affected. Best Buy did something similar when it cancelled orders for the BlackBerry Playbook tablet in late November. Apparently, it learned nothing. Considering we are only two days from Christmas the odds of people with orders cancelled at this late date finding the product they want elsewhere is not good.

Analysts point out that the surge in online shopping this year has been huge with some parts of the country experiencing bad weather that sent people to their computers rather than malls. Analyst R.J. Hottovy from Morningstar said that the canceled orders aren't likely to make a difference financially for Best Buy. However, he notes that more shoppers may look elsewhere in the future. If you had an order with Best buy that was canceled let us know. I'd like to know what products are among those not shipping.

[via Washington Post]