Best Buy cancels PlayBook orders, yanks listings

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The BlackBerry PlayBook has not been successful on the market. There were so many issues with the RIM tablet that it never caught on, yet RIM refused to kill the tablet despite the fact that even at fire sale prices the PlayBook didn't sell. The latest blow to the PlayBook comes as Best Buy pulls its listings for the tablet and reportedly cancels orders. Electronista reports that its checks indicated Best Buy cancelled orders at one location, while multiple Best Buy forum users claim the same thing.

Some customers claim to have been told that the reason for the pulling of the tablet was that Best Buy was "overextended". Often products on the website that are backordered are left up if the product is expected in soon. It's possible that the PlayBook had a short term success with the bargain prices it has been offered at, and simply sold all the stock available.

With more competitors on the market already and the PlayBook lacking basic functionality like native email, in its current form the tablet is a very tough sell. There are apparently shortages at other retailers as well with some models of the PlayBook not offered. Currently Best Buy online is listing only refurbished models (from $149.99), though RIM itself is offering the same $199.99 deal as Best Buy did last week.