Best Buy Canada website leaks Nintendo Wii Mini

Both the Microsoft Xbox 360 and the Sony PS3 underwent diets and came back as smaller and thinner models approximately midway through their lives. However, the Nintendo Wii has remained the same blocky console since it was so insanely popular when it originally launched years ago. It looks like Nintendo is set to put the Wii on a diet.

The Best Buy Canada website homepage has leaked a small screenshot showing a new Nintendo Wii Mini game console, and tips the launch date as December 7, 2012. That is only a few weeks away and if this isn't some sort of hoax or mistake, Nintendo has done a good job keeping the secret since this is the first time we've heard about a smaller Nintendo Wii console. The image makes the Wii Mini look significantly smaller than the original.

If you want to see the picture for yourself live on the Best Buy Canada website homepage, you had better look quickly because I suspect this mistake will be fixed shortly. The Wii Mini doesn't show up in the actual Best Buy Canada product listing page along with all the other Wii hardware. The Wii Mini looks to be roughly the same size as a external optical drive for computer.

The homepage link showing the box shot and bragging about the December 7 launch date has a link that reads pre-order now, but when you click that link, it simply goes to the general Nintendo Wii category with the Wii Mini nowhere to be seen. We're betting someone hit the go button on the homepage ad a bit too early.

[via NintendoLife]