Berg's odd Little Printer hits preorder

Last November I talked a bit about an odd little printer called the Little Printer. The idea behind the Little Printer was that you could enter subscriptions for your social networking sites such as Twitter that you enjoy reading in the mornings, and the printer would print them on real paper for you to read. It's an oddly not green gadget.

At the time, we didn't know some of the key details on the Little Printer. The launch date was a very vague "2012" and pricing wasn't mentioned. If you found yourself intrigued by the Little Printer, new details are now available. The device is up for preorder right now and will be available in about 60 days.

The retail price is pegged at $259 plus shipping. Since we initially heard about the printer, the BergCloud software that runs the device has been updated to allow you to pull updates to print from additional places. It now supports sites such as foursquare and Google. That means you can print out task lists, location updates, and other messages from friends.

I still think this is a very strange little device. I wonder if it uses standard thermal paper that you can purchase office stores, or if you have to order special paper. If you don't remember this device from last year, check out the video for a few more details.

[via Engadget]