Little Printer prints digital stuff for you to read

The Little Printer is a strange item that seems to be aimed a the person who both likes and loathes digital media. This Little Printer allows you to enter your subscriptions for social networking sites and other places and then each morning it will print that content out for you. Granted that isn't green, but if you want a printed page to take with you this might be the ticket.

The idea is that the printer will produce a little newspaper for you to peruse. Naturally, you could just use a tablet or a smartphone to read this content like the rest of us. The device will launch in 2012 as a beta product. Pricing is unknown. It appears that the printer itself is thermal.

The paper appears to be the continuous roll sort. Thermal printing means if you leave printouts in the hot sun or keep it too long you might lose that content. The printer can print text and pixel art as well. What do you think of this thing? Check out the video below.