Berg Little Printer teases Instagram-esque photo tweak

Berg's whimsical Little Printer has been hacked to support photos, though the new direct messaging feature won't be present in the first generation of the unusual desktop gizmo. Part of a side-project by a member of the Berg team, the app update adds a camera feature to the currently text-only smartphone software, allowing users to append a photo to their wirelessly-beamed message.

Those messages are then printed out by the Little Printer, complete with a monochrome version of the image. The app has a number of filters, intended to help people get the clearest final result given the limitations of the printer itself, but don't be expecting anything up to even Instagram level of clarity.

Still, it's a neat tweak, and a sign that the Berg team hasn't stopped evolving the Little Printer even though it's now up for preorder and nearing shipping stage. The last update we saw was integration with Foursquare, Google, and other sites, extending the number of data sources for printed text messages.

Unfortunately, Berg says it's "not sure when or if we'll launch this," with the only certainty being that it definitely won't be in version one as the team doesn't have time to integrate it properly. The Little Printer is up for preorder now, priced at £199 or $259, with shipping expected in mid-October.