Bentley Gigapixel image shows Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase on Goldengate

Bentley has published what it claims to be the world's most extraordinary car photograph. While it may not be the MOST extraordinary photo of a car ever taken, it is very cool. The photo is a shot of the new Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase cruising across the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. The image was taken using a massive zoom lens from 700 meters away.

The shot was taken using some camera tech that was originally created by NASA to allow rovers cruising the surface of Mars to take panoramic photos. Since the shot of the Bentley is from 700 meters away at its widest zoom you can see the entire bridge and can't even make out the car. In the video, you can see the zoom process on the image begin from 700 meters away, you can zoom in so closely that you can see the stitches in the Bentley logo on the passenger seat headrest of the car.

The image is 4,425 times larger than a typical smartphone image and is made up of over 53,000 megapixels. The gigapixel image is the result of taking 700 individual shots from the same location and then stitching them together digitally. If the image was printed in its standard format, it would be the size of a football field. The Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase is intended to be a car you are driven in and Bentley says it is the most generously proportioned luxury limousine in the world.

The extra rear legroom allows Bentley to fit the rear seats with electronic leg rests allowing rear seat passengers to sit upright or reclined. The rear seats also have tables that can fold out allowing the rear passengers to work on the go. The color combo on the car in the image is Rose Gold over Magnetic and it rolls on Bentley's new 21-inch wheel.

SOURCE: Bentley