Bentley Flying Spur touchscreen remote gives rear seat occupants more control

For a lot of people owning a Bentley isn't something that's done out of the desire to drive the car but to be driven. That means that for some Bentley owners, rear seat comfort and convenience is much more important than what's available to front-seat passengers. The Bentley Flying Spur has a new touch screen remote that puts luxury control in the hand of rear seat occupants.Bentley says that the new Flying Spur multi-functional touchscreen remote gives rear seat occupants unprecedented control over the extensive range of luxury features inside the vehicle. The remote itself is as fancy as the Bentley vehicle is placed inside. The touchscreen remote is finished in polished metal embellished with diamond knurling.

When users press a button, the remote deploys from atop the rear center console, it's held in place by integrated magnets ready to be used by the rear seat passengers when needed. The remote control has a four-core processor and 1GB of onboard RAM. The display has a resolution of 1280 x 720. An array of sensors, including a three-axis accelerometer and proximity sensor along with haptic feedback, make the remote easy and intuitive to use.

Power comes from a 3200mAh lithium-polymer battery. Using the remote, rear seat passengers can configure and control the 14-way adjustable backrest cushions, seat heating and ventilation, five massage functions, and armrest heating. Passengers also have full control of air conditioning functions individually for both sides of the rear passenger compartment, including fan speed, temperature, air distribution, and ionizers.

Cabin lighting can be controlled from the remote as can the glass-to-glass panoramic sunroof and Windows. Also controlled by the remote are the panoramic sunshade and rear window blinds. Optional mood lighting is also controlled from the remote. Passengers can also use the remote to control the optional 18-speaker audio system. The screen will also show data from the front of the car, including speed, journey information, outside temperature, along with navigation interface. The Flying B mascot on the hood can also be retracted or deployed via the remote.