BenQ Updates World's Slimmest 8mp Dgital Compact Camera

BenQ presented a sleek and slim X835 last month with a mere 12.5mm in thickness. Apparently that wasn't enough, they have went beyond 10mm this time with DSC-X800 claiming World's Slimmest 8mp digital compact camera at 9.8mm.

That's not all, the display has been replaced with a larger 3" LTPS LCD and added a Super Macro mode that's capable to focus at MFD of 1cm ~ 5cm. Sound like a good choice of macro compact cameras for macro lovers. So what's the secret? The answer is lies within the new internal Zoom lens as oppose to an external version compare to X835 that features 35mm equiv of 38 ~114mm zoom range. The new x800 has 2 colors option like before: Vixen-Red and Midnight-Black. The delivery date is Q1 of 2008 but price information is not available at this time.

DC X800 [via BenQ]