BenQ releases 7MP digital camera

Chris Scott Barr - Jul 3, 2007

When I think BenQ, the first thing that pops into my mind is the DVD burner in my PC, as it happens to be made by them. I also think of monitors, since I’ve seen those as well, but a digital camera never comes to mind. However, they do make digital cameras, and they’re not half bad.

The BenQ DC C740i features a nice 2.5” screen, 3x optical zoom and 7MP resolution. The lens is made by Pentax, so you know your pictures are going to be nice and crisp. It also features a Shake-Free mode so your pictures won’t come out blurry from the camera being shaken.

You do get some limited control over your how your picture looks with access to aperture and shutter speed controls. It’s a great camera for carrying around for everyday shots, but don’t expect to use it for a professional gig. Retail price on the C740i is around $599.

BenQ DC C740i [via letsgodigital]

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