BenQ looks to color eReader rather than iPad clone

The Apple iPad has been on the market almost a week and so far it has been a very popular device. Many of the major companies in the eReader market are probably hard at work on their answer to the iPad. BenQ has stated that it will focus on a color screen eReader rather than an iPad-style tablet.

BenQ expects to offer a color screen version of its nReader eReader on the market later this year. BenQ believes that the screen is key and claims its display is easier on the eyes than an LCD. The BenQ display also promises more battery life with BenQ claiming its eReader will last for weeks between charges rather than the iPad's 10 hours.

However, Yahoo News reports that an eye doctor states eye fatigue has nothing to do with the screen and is more to do with the light surrounding the screen. BenQ will also have a hard sell on its hands if the price of its eReader isn't cheap considering the $499 iPad has many more features than the eReaders on the market today.