Ben Heck reworks his portable workbench

I'm not the sort that is organized enough to have a portable workbench or even a stationary workbench. I have a bunch of tools crammed in various drawers and bags so it takes about twice as long to do something just because I can't find my stuff. Modder Ben Heck is the organized type and he has constructed a new portable workbench for the latest episode of his show.

The new workbench allows Heck to mod on the go and he has dubbed the new workbench the Mark 2. The new bench has a different hinge position and a new bracket system along with improved tool placement. The workbench is about the size of a suitcase and unfolds to give the geek a place to work.

If you are the same sort of organized modder and want to build the workbench for yourself, you can follow along since Heck goes through the entire process of building the device. The workbench even has an integrated power supply from a computer so you can fire up your test machine. Detailed plans for the workbench are available from the show website.