Ben Heck creates custom toilet illuminator

There is an age-old problem for many guys of all ages when it comes to taking a wiz at night. Some guys and younger boys just can't seem to make it into the toilet when they pee in the dark. That means you have to listen to your wife or significant other complain the next day that someone hit the lid. Ben Heck has the answer to this with his latest project dubbed the toilet illuminator.

I think you might need separate toilets for the men and the women in the house for this thing to work well. It doesn't look that comfortable for the ladies who may have to sit down on the cord circling the toilet seat opening. It looks rather like those glowing necklaces my daughter wears.

You don't even have to turn this particular light on and off. It uses a plain bathmat, carbon conductive paint, foam spacers, and plywood to create a pressure-sensitive mat that automatically turns the light on when you walk up. If you want to build one for yourself, Heck walks you through it.