Ben Heck combines Xbox 360 and 70's Atari

Man when I was a kid I spent a lot of time playing an Atari just like the one Heck used for his latest project. I was an Asteroids, Pac-Man, and Pole Position player myself. Heck took an Atari console from 1977 and integrated it into an Xbox 360 laptop system.

Atari was in with Heck for this build combing vintage old school gaming with the latest Microsoft game console. The finished product is a portable device with its own LCD and all. The custom enclosure was made with wood paneling and classic metal switches that any gamer around in the early days of the console will remember fondly.

"I was excited when Atari approached me to build this gaming system – it's the most 'Ben Heck' type project I could possibly build," said Ben. "It was a great experience taking consoles from two completely different eras and combining them. That's what art's all about!"