Bem Speaker Trio now shipping for $299

Craig Lloyd - Jan 23, 2013, 2:02pm CST
Bem Speaker Trio now shipping for $299

First announced back in November, and unveiled at CES a couple weeks ago, the Speaker Trio system from Bem Wireless offers users three, small Bluetooth-enabled speakers that can be wirelessly connected to one another to bring music to multiple rooms simultaneously. The company just announced that the speaker system is now available and ready to ship for $299.

Essentially, the three speakers are meant to be placed in different rooms, that way users can blast their beats to multiple rooms at once, whether it’d be for a party or if you’re just running around the house doing chores. The three speakers come with a base, which emits a wireless signal to the three speakers, and users can control the speakers with their smartphone or any other Bluetooth-equipped device.

What’s perhaps even more impressive, is that each speaker has a 120-foot wireless range, or a little over a third of a football field. This provides plenty of options as far as speaker locations are concerned, and on a full charge, you can get six hours of music playback time from the speakers. To charge the speakers, all you have to do is return the speakers to the base, which has three metal contacts, one for each speaker.

The speaker set sports a sleek and modern design, and each speaker measures 6 inches x 6 inches, making them easy to move without hassle. The bottom of each speaker will also glow (as pictured above) to indicate different statuses to users, such as when the speakers are ready for use, and when they’re charging. You can buy these in either black or white, and they’re priced at $299 on Bem’s website.

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