Beltone True invisible hearing aid connects to Bluetooth devices

If you have found yourself watching afternoon TV during the week on a show that retired people tend to watch, like The Price is Right, you have probably seen one of those commercials for the Beltone hearing aids. The small hearing aids are made to be hidden so it doesn't look like the user is wearing one.Beltone has announced a new hearing aid called the True that has an interesting feature that will keep people from having to yell during phone conversations with the user. The True can connect to any audio device via Bluetooth. That means that the heading aid can act as a Bluetooth headset for phone calls.

The True has a mic that clips to the persons clothes to pick up their voice for calls. The device also has a 2.4GHz wireless connection that streams the sound from a stereo, TV or computer to the hearing aid so the rest of the house can have some quiet.