Belkin Washable Mouse put through its paces

James Allan Brady - Jan 4, 2008, 4:47am CST

So there’s a guy over at GearLog, he got a Belkin Washable mouse. He must have instantly asked himself, “why is this thing billed as washable?”

Well, through extensive testing, I believe he answered his own question, after dunking the mouse in oatmeal, chili, Cheetos, pudding, and Red Bull the mouse still functioned. But he took it a step further and tested the usage of the mouse while in each of those substances.

What he found was that clicking and scrolling still worked in all of them, but the optical mouse movement only worked in one, the Red Bull/Cheetos stew that he threw together. So, if you are hell on your peripherals, maybe the Belkin might be a good idea for you, I could only find it at SkyMall though, and it was $35 for it there, which isn’t bad for a fairly run of the mill wired mouse.

Hands-, Oatmeal-, Chili-, Pudding-, Red Bull-, and Cheetos-On with The Belkin Washable Mouse [via gearlog]

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