Belkin USB transfer cable gets Vista branding

When is a cable not a cable?  When it's a Belkin Easy Transfer Cable for Vista, that's when!  So set off some fireworks and kiss the nearest person on their rosy-red lips, because the bandwagon jumping is in full force.  Belkin are advertising this as the easy way to transfer all files, audio and video multimedia, application data, OS settings and internet settings from an XP-based PC to a new computer running Vista.

Now it's entirely possible that I could be missing something here, but isn't this just a USB-to-USB networking cable, such as has been available for ages now?  I get the feeling that the only difference from existing products is the "Premium Vista Logo".

It can apparently transfer 30GB of data in an hour, and they include the "One-Click" file synchronisation software so at least you can get it started and then go and have some delicious pie while you wait.  MRSP is $39.99

Belkin [via AVING]