Belkin unveils new Qi-Certified wireless charging solutions

Belkin has unveiled new wireless chargers aimed directly at iPhone users that will work for any Qi-certified smartphone. The first is called the Boostcharge TrueFreedom Pro Wireless Charger. Belkin says that the new charging products were designed and engineered in-house and are competitively priced. The cool thing about the TrueFreedom Pro is that it has 16 charging coils inside, allowing it to charge two Qi-enabled devices simultaneously.

Each of the devices receives 10W of wireless charging at the same time. Another significant benefit of having so many charging coils inside the device is that users don't have to precisely place their device on the charger as you do with many other wireless chargers. Belkin also notes that the charger is compatible with most lightweight cases up to three millimeters thick.

The device has a leather-like finish and silver chrome accents. A pair of LED lights indicate charging status, and it's covered with a two-year warranty. TrueFreedom Pro is available to purchase now for $129.99. The other charging device is called the Boost Charge UV Sanitizer + Wireless Charger. It's designed to charge a smartphone and help reduce bacteria on small items up to 99.99 percent using dual UV-C LED lights.

The UV light sanitation system can sanitize phones and other nonporous items. This wireless charger does require the alignment of the phone on top when it's closed. Devices charged receive up to 10W of power while other items are being sanitized. The charger is compatible with all Qi devices from all manufacturers.

Belkin says the compact size allows it to fit on any tabletop, and it's able to sanitize silently without buzzing or fans. It ships with a power supply and a four-foot USB-A to USB-C cable. It does feature an LED to show when sanitation starts and stops. Boost Charge UV Sanitizer + Wireless Charger is available now for $79.99.