Belkin readying an iPhone camera remote and stand

It looks like Belkin has a handy gadget for iPhone users on the way that will really let you take advantage of the upgraded 8-megapixel optics on that shiny new iPhone 4S for group photos and self-portraits. The device is called the Belkin LiveAction Camera Remote and it has just made a visit to the FCC.

The Belkin LiveAction Camera Remote lets you take both photos and videos with your iPhone remotely, featuring a dedicated button for each function. It also packs a small stand that you can detach to prop up your iPhone to just the right angle, but it's hard to tell how secure it would be given its small size.

The device connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth and works with Belkin's LiveAction camera app, which you can download from iTunes for free. Pictures of the device showed up at the FCC today, but there's no word on pricing or availability just yet.

[via Wireless Goodness]