Belkin N1 Vision router

Ewdison Then - Jul 11, 2007

Belkin comes up with fresh new design for its N1 Vision router. The N1 Vision router simplifies setup process and making it easy to monitor your wireless network. It has a display on the router itself to give you real-time reports of activities on your router.

The LCD on the router displays Download/Upload speedometer, network bandwidth usage, number of connected device, guest access network key, and date/time.

Belkin N1 Vision uses 802.11n 3×3 MIMO radio design and features Gigabit Ethernet ports. It supports all the standard wireless security protocols such as WEP, WPA, and WPA2 with multiple SSID. The N1 Vision will be on the retail shelf later this month for a price tag of $199.

Belkin’s N1 Vision router tells you what’s going on [via sci-fi]

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