Belkin debuts Keyboard Folio for iPad 2

Belkin has a bunch of different accessories and peripherals for Apple gear like the iPad and iPad 2. Today Belkin has unveiled a new accessory for the iPad 2 called the Keyboard Folio for iPad 2. As the name in implies the accessory is a case that has a little keyboard inside to allow you to type faster and more comfortably on your iPad 2.

The model number for the keyboard folio is F5L090 and is sells for $99.99. The keyboard inside the case has Belkin TruType keys for comfortable typing and a feel more like a computer keyboard. The case is designed to prop the screen of the iPad 2 up at different angles to allow you to work with whatever is most comfortable to you.

The keyboard runs on a battery that is good for 60-hours of use. The battery inside the case charges via a micro USB port and works with standard charging cables. The keys of the keyboard have 1.7mm of travel for fast typing and accuracy. The case should be available now.

[via Belkin]