Belkin Clamp-On Surge Protector

Christina Crouch - Jan 22, 2008, 2:53am CST

There are a few main things that people are likely to focus on when buying anything: does it take up a lot space, how versatile is it and how accessible is it. If your product falls within a decent range on any of these fronts people are more likely to pick it up without even worrying about the cost. In my opinion the clamp-on surge protector from Belkin fills all these shoes nicely.

belkin clamp on surge protector

It will, of course, clamp on to different surfaces like desks, tables, workbenches, etc. It’s 1.5” in height and since it’s small and portable you can place it wherever you need it, conveniently. It has 6 outlets and a 10ft cord and comes with a $15,000 connected equipment warranty.

belkin clamp on surge protector

It does its job without looking trashy and without taking up needed space anywhere. The $41 price isn’t too bad either.

[via GeekAlerts]

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