Belkin and Mr. Coffee create WiFi enabled coffee pot

I know a lot of people that can't function well in the morning until they have a couple cups of coffee in their system. If you are that sort of person, you might want to be able to get that coffee brewing before you ever step foot out of bed in the morning. You could go with the old-fashioned alarm clock style coffee pots that start brewing at a specific time in the morning, but what if you want more control over brewing than having it ready at 6:00.

Mr. Coffee and Belkin have teamed up for an interesting new coffee pot that brings getting your coffee ready into the WeMo home automation realm. The product is called the Mr. Coffee smart coffee maker and it has a ten-cup capacity. Thant means multiple caffeine addicts can get their fix in the AM.

The coffee pot is controlled by the Belkin WeMo app on your phone or tablet. With that app you can control when the brewing starts, turn the pot on and off, and get alerts when its time to clean the pot.

I can see the appeal of this for serious coffee fans, tap a button in the app and your pot of coffee will be waiting for you. It's better than the alarm clock option for automated brewing because you might not want your coffee at the same time each day. The Mr. Coffee smart coffee maker sells for $150 and is available now.

SOURCE: Engadget