Belkin’s WUSB Gets a Face Lift

James Allan Brady - Jul 11, 2007

Offering up full USB transfer rates of 480Mbps at distances of up to 30ft away this pretty little device’s usefulness often comes into question. But now that it is even sleeker looking than its predecessor it should be an easier sale.

The problem is that so many things are already wireless network able through various WiFi standards that its ineffective to purchase something like this. The cost is $199.99 but just about everything one would connect to the device is available with a WiFi standard for less, for example network attached storage, printers, and keyboards and mice already come wireless.

A few applications I dreamed up are for the new USB monitors in a kiosk typebelkin WUSB front environment, some USB connected storage devices that you may already have, and maybe a camera or two. I would probably only be able to make use of it for the external storage as I don’t have a printer or an USB camera.

Belkin Wireless USB Hub is All Dressed Up, No Place To Go [via Gizmodo]

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