Beijing to become world's largest Wi-Fi city by 2011

According to reports, Beijing will become the world's largest Wi-Fi city by 2011. There will be free Wi-Fi access to residents of the Chinese capital in both the main city areas and the surrounding districts.

Zhang Yu, Deputy Director of Beijing's Information Technology Office, revealed his plans to expand Wi-Fi Internet access at the Wireless City Summit 2008. The Beijing central business district was fully equipped for access during the Beijing Olympics, but a poor signal would not let many people log on.

Currently the city has a generous amount of free Wi-Fi hotspots. Beijing's top university, Tsinghua University, hosts around 500 hotspots alone. Right now there is access in the districts of Xuanwu, Chongwen, Chaoyang, Shijingshan, Daxing and Pinggu, with full Beijing coverage aimed at 2011.