Bed concept swallows sleeper when earthquakes strike

Earthquakes can be scary, and we're guessing this new bed concept can be, too. To keep you safe during an earthquake — assuming you're snoozing when the event strikes — the bed splits open horizontally, causing the mattress to fall in with the sleeper on top and their pillow and blankets if they're lucky. A mere few seconds later, the bed closes again, sealing the sleeper in a cocoon.

There are a few variations of the bed concept, some that appear a little more roomy than others. The concept is designed to keep you alive for a while via emergency supplies lining the bottom of the empty cavity: first aid kits, gas masks, water bottles, food rations, that sort of thing.

The concept was created by Chinese inventor Wang Wenxi; he received a patent for its original iteration back in 2010, and has since improved the design, the most recent of which — from late November — are shown in the video above.

Details on the bed are a little harder to find; it isn't entirely clear how the bed is triggered open — hopefully not all shaking will trigger its' safety system or there could be some unhappy couples seeking returns. As well, as nice as the emergency rations are, one wouldn't want to be trapped in there too long given the confined space and lack of a bathroom.

SOURCE: Gizmodo