BeBook 2 announced: wireless, touchscreen & easier controls

An image of the upcoming BeBook 2 ebook reader has emerged, in advance of what's expected to be a full launch at CeBIT today.  The reader is a significant hardware jump over the original BeBook device, with WiFi and/or integrated 3G connectivity, touchscreen navigation and support for the ePub format.

There's also been a major change in case design.  Gone is the hard-edged, regimented style of the first reader, replaced with new Kindle-like side large page-turn buttons (on both the left and right edges) and fewer front-panel keys.  The headphone and mini-USB ports are now uncovered, which should make them easier to access.

SlashGear just reviewed the Pixelar E-Reader, which is a rebadged version of the original BeBook reader.  From the look of these hardware changes, it seems the company has addressed most of our complaints; now it remains to be seen how pricing is affected.

[via Mobile Read]