BeBionic Bionic Hand Set for Worldwide Distribution in June [Video]

Bionic hands. Sometimes linked with some pretty heavy-duty bionic arms, are the thing of the future. And, while some people probably think they're still a few years out, it looks like a company called BeBionic wants to make it happen now. Not this week or anything, but much sooner than later. And, if anything else, you need to watch the video after the break. It's worth it.

Over at ISPO World Congress, in Leipzig, Germany, the BeBionic myo-electric bionic hand was shown off. And, unlike previous versions shown off out in the world, this was the finalized product. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of information about how the mechanical hand works, but it does feature a fully integrated wireless chip, 19 different silicone skin covers, and fully customizable functions control grip force, speed, and grip patterns.

As we said in the opener, the BeBionic hand is coming sooner than later. BeBionic says that it's going to be all set for worldwide distribution starting some time in June. No confirmed date as of yet, but we imagine that any time in June is good for the people who might want something like this. Or, probably more accurately, need something like this. Check out the crazy promotional video for the BeBionic hand below.

[via Engadget]