Beauty is no longer in the eye of the beholder

I am a person who has a tendency to dislike conformity, not always, just some of it. One of the areas that annoys me is about physical beauty; I am one who refuses to conform to what a large portion of the public see as beautiful. I think a woman of any shape and size or age can be beautiful, she doesn't need be a size 2 and be 25 years old. Two Australian scientists have invented a program that decides who is hot and who is not.

Their intentions were not bad; they created it for plastic surgeons so that they may better help their patients. It works by checking facial measurements that are related to images of actors, models and 200 women from around the world. The scientists did not choose the women themselves; they used a panel over several people of different races and sexes. You insert your pic and it will rate it from 1 to 10. I think it is highly sad that we are resorting to a computer program to tell us what is beautiful, after all isn't beauty "in the eye of the beholder"? Then again I also think it is sad how over-used plastic surgery has become. I am not against plastic surgery altogether; I just think that there are quite a few who don't need it. I like my nose, because it's mine, I have several flaws but they are mine as well. I don't want some manufactured face.

The creators Dr. Piccardi and Ms Gunes are concerned about this program falling into the wrong hands like teenage girls. They only assess the face and not the whole body, which is probably wise. Nobody wants to start that argument; you're likely to get a lot of angry women on your hands no matter how good the intentions are.

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