Beats 1: Replay lets users hear missed shows on demand

Apple Music has just activated a new feature for the Beats 1 radio portion of its service, letting users replay DJ-hosted shows that they might have missed when they were broadcast live. Called Beats 1: Replay, the recordings are found through Apple Music's Connect, the social network offering from the service. The recordings are unedited, and include the interviews and commentary along with the songs the hosts play, in a format much like a podcast.

Since Apple Music has launched, the end of each Beats 1 radio show has been followed by a playlist off all the songs the DJ played. Replay is a better expansion of this feature, as listeners can hear what the hosts and their guests actually discussed. It's also a bit more useful than trying to catch the show's repeat 12 hours later, as Replays can be listened to at any time.

Replays are a little tricky to find, at they're not in the most obvious place. Listeners need to go to a DJ's Connect page by selecting them from the list of featured shows on the main Beats 1 menu.

There is one negative aspect to listening to a Replay, and that's the fact that users don't get the name of the songs as they play. This extends to not being able to heart a song as it plays or add it to a custom playlist. Fortunately the playlist from each show's episode is still being shared, so it's not too hard to find the songs that were played.

SOURCE MacStories