Beat Saber's latest free song is made to help you burn calories

It's no secret that many VR headset owners play the audio game Beat Saber as a form of at-home exercise, something Oculus has embraced with the release of a new song called 'FitBeat.' The newly added track is designed to help players burn calories; it utilizes the game's 90-degree and 360-degree modes for extra movements and includes workout-like voice instructions.READ: Facebook acquires Beat Games: What Beat Saber fans should knowBeat Saber, for those who are somehow still unfamiliar with the wildly popular title, is a rhythm-based virtual reality game that gives the player two sabers, each color-coded to match a corresponding cube. These cubes come forward at the player rapidly; the player has to slice them using the corresponding saber.

The player has the option of enabling arrows on the cubes, which point in the direction that the cube should be cut. As well, the game has optional obstacles the player must dodge and bombs the player must avoid striking with their sabers. When played at 'Expert' level or beyond, the game is very fastpaced, making it popular with VR fitness enthusiasts.

In an announcement late last week, Beat Games, the company behind Beat Saber, announced the release of a new track called 'FitBeat' that features One Saber, Standard, 90-degree, and 360-degree modes. The song is designed to make you move, assuming you keep the obstacles enabled, and a voice helps guide you on moving around them.

The tweet includes a sample demonstration of the track, which is a free release available to all game owners. Beat Saber is available on multiple platforms, including Oculus and PS VR. The game is priced at $30; there are optional music packs from third-party bands that cost extra.