BearTek gloves support Bluetooth and GoPro camera connectivity

There are a lot of sports that require gloves to keep your hands warm or to provide protection in the event of an accident. A company called BearTek has unveiled a new line of gloves that feature wearable technology integrated for outdoor and action sports fans. The company offers gloves designed for motorcyclists, skiers, or outdoor adventures.

All the gloves have little modules inside allowing them to connect to smartphones via Bluetooth or GoPro action cameras via Wi-Fi. The gloves the give wearers connectivity in the glove fingertips allowing the control of the phone, music, or action camera without physically touching the device. The gloves operate by touching the phone to various finger touchpads embedded along the sides of the fingers to send a signal to the media device.

The embedded Bluetooth module allows wearers to control the phone music playback capability. By touching the thumb to specific fingers, users are able to play or pause the music, skip forwards and backwards in a playlist, fast-forward individual tracks, and rewind. Users can also answer or decline phone calls when using a Bluetooth headset.

The gloves are cheap and users have to choose either the Bluetooth or the GoPro camera sync module for the purchase price. The other module is available for $140. The gloves sell for $250 for the snow glove kit, $275 the motorcycle glove kit, and $225 for the winner classic glove kit. The gloves come in sizes small through XXL and are black with silver trim.