BearTek Gen II smart gloves are wearable remote controls

Smartphone-friendly gloves are adequate enough to tap your screen without taking your gloves off, but they're of limited usefulness, particularly if they're wet. Enter the BearTek Gen II smart gloves, a pair of ordinary looking gloves that can remotely control your smartphone using simple finger movements. Rather than touching the phone itself, the wearer touches spots on the gloves to trigger specific actions.

This is BearTek's second generation lineup, and it comes in different styles for different users. Connectivity is over Bluetooth or WiFi, depending on model, and they can be customized for one's own particular needs. Using them, one can trigger recordings, answer phone calls, play music, share content, and more.

There are touch points placed on the glove's fingers, and they are tapped using one's thumb, allowing for one-handed operation. In addition to iPhones and Android smartphones, the gloves can also be used to control GoPro cameras, allowing wearers to trigger a recording with very little hassle.

BearTek's newest generation of smart gloves are being funded on Indiegogo, where they're seeking $40,000 and have so far raised more than $31,000 USD with a month remaining. Those interested can back the device for $99 USD, which include an early bird unit at 56% off retail. Estimated shipping is this upcoming November.

SOURCE: Indiegogo