Beam Brush monitors your hygiene habits via Bluetooth

Since there's plenty of connected health monitoring devices on the market already, it's only a matter of time that the dental hygiene category would also see high tech integration. The Beam Brush is being touted as a toothbrush that can monitor and transmit its usage data via Bluetooth to a smartphone app.

It's not quite your Sonicare variety as it still requires manual brushing, but its Bluetooth-enabled monitoring feature lets you keep tabs on when and for how long you've brushed. For most adults, we would hope that they've already settled on a good routine of regular brushings, but the device could come in handy for parents wanting to ensure proper habits for their kids.

The Beam Brush is expected to ship sometime next month, priced at $50. Replacement brush heads are priced at $3. It'd be nice to see a motorized version of the brush and perhaps a variant that monitors routine flossing.

[via MedGadget]