BDA manages Blu-Ray Market Price, to keep the value from falling to dirt-cheap like DVD player

To get the price of Blu-ray players fall to the level at DVD players, we'll need the Chinese to flood the market at large scale. But the Blu-ray Association has acknowledged the threats and agreed China was the reason of collapsed DVD player market, thus Licensing will be managed and issued strategically to keep the reach of the Chinese.

The New York Times said in an interview with Stan Glascow, the president of Sony Elec.

"that price levels wouldn't collapse the way they did for DVD players. To protect against this, he said the Blu-ray Association, the group that controls the Blu-ray standard, has not licensed it to any manufacturers in China."

Stan went on and said there will be Chinese player but privacy content is another matter. "We don't need to drive that and hand the technology over" any time soon, Stan told the reporter.

If the Format War taught us anything, the much affordable Format lost. The Chinese Venturer vanished in the thin air despite largely distributed at Wal-Mart. Cheap is probably not the answer to early adaptors but I doubt the consumer would say No given the alternative. Studios are more concerned on privacy acts than everything else, so China is definitely not their best pal. The licensing issues with China are far more complex even if Sony or BDA looks the other way, not to mention few studios are member of the board of directors at BDA to start with.

Nevertheless, Sony did promise a $300 Blu-ray player by end of the year then drop to $200 by next year, unfortunately, it's still more than HD-DVD while they were still breathing.