BBM for Android video demonstration tipped ahead of official launch

Shane McGlaun - Sep 3, 2013, 6:27am CDT
BBM for Android video demonstration tipped ahead of official launch

One of the most popular features of BlackBerry smartphones is BBM or BlackBerry Messenger. That service is popular with users of BlackBerry devices and businesses for communicating and keeping in touch. As the popularity of BlackBerry smartphones continues to wane, BlackBerry is looking to bring BBM to other smartphones.

Recently a video demonstration of BBM for Android has surfaced showing an application that looks just like the BBM app BlackBerry users are familiar with. The BBM for Android app is reportedly slowly making its way into the hands beta users. One of those beta users uploaded video demonstration giving us a bit of an advance look at the user interface.

Whether or not BlackBerry can be successful at this late stage by putting BBM on the other devices remains to be seen. There is significant competition amongst messaging apps on Android at this time. We still don’t know exactly when the BBM app for Android users will turn up, it’s launch was rumored to have been months ago.

Within the last week a semi-functional launch page for BBM on Android and the iPhone turned up hinting that launch may be close. Recent reports have also indicated that users who signed up for the beta testing program have received copies of the app, which is where the video above originates.

SOURCE: Android Community

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10 Responses to BBM for Android video demonstration tipped ahead of official launch

  1. I can’t wait to get bbm on my SG4. My girlfriends and I are so excited. To finally get to use BBM again after using the other messaging apps which just sucks. Even my iPhone friends are pumped.

      • I’m honestly excited about it. My roommates and I have iphones and droids, along with my girlfriend and others. We all had BB’s in our teenage years so going back to bbm will make contacting each other easier, and we all would rather go with bbm than other options. I hope it takes off.

        • So Cole and Jen both have friends that love BBM yet none have a BB device…?? Ok I’m just going to call BS on these posts. Hasn’t any of these robots heard of WhatsApp, Kik, or even Skype?

  2. I’m an android user and so are my girlfriends and we all can not wait to have BBM again. Those who have used BBM knows that NOTHING and I mean NOTHING compares to BBM. Why some are hating on a wicked apps is beyond me. Cheer up lonely fanboys who “meh” their life away ….life is to short to be miserable for no reason.

  3. I would love to see Google buy out BBM service/server system and replace hangouts . Up to two years ago while still blackberry smartphone owner (Tourch 9700) bbm was my choice of communion due to its high encryption and security. WhatsApp is not even close and for business related chat is not secure enough (per corporation IT Securities Console ).

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