BauBax Jacket has all the hidden features you need for travel

In a few months, a horde of people will be clustering in airports and terminals to travel to their families for that annual dinner and majority of those dread the idea of the journey. Especially the packing. Wouldn't it be great if you had everything that you need to be in arm's reach really be in arm's reach? Wouldn't it be nice to have all of those and yet still look classy? That's exactly the promise of these BauBax Jackets that are filled with pockets and hidden features for everything you might need when you travel. And maybe even some that you don't.

The BauBax Jacket is filled with features, not to mention compartments, that it might be easy to get lost or lose your stuff in it. It's almost unimaginable how can avoid looking like an overstuffed toy when you do fill some of the pockets, one of which can even hold a 10-inch tablet. But just for the sake of full disclosure, let's list down the features that BauBax promises to offer:

• Easy to inflate and deflate neck pillow

• Earphone holders

• Phone pocket

• Zipper that acts as a telescopic pen and stylus in one

• Passport pocket

• Eye mask

• Blanket pocket

• Gloves

• Portable charger pocket

• iPad pocket

• Sunglasses pocket

• And a Drink pocket!

Dizzy yet? Yes, all of those are crammed inside a single jacket that promises not only quality material but also fashionable design. In fact, the jackets come in four styles of sweatshirt, windbreaker, bomber, and blazer, each with different color options and designed for men as well as for women. Some of those features are definitely handy and even amusing, like the hidden gloves and the zipper pen/stylus. But a drink holder and an iPad compartment? Different strokes for different folks, definitely.

But as they also say, to see is to believe, and this is definitely something that needs to be seen. The BauBax Jacket, after all, is still on Kickstarter, but it has already zoomed past its $20,000 goal, netting more than $370,000 with 56 days to spare. Obviously, the idea has resonated with thousands of travelers who have put in at least $100 for such a multi-talented piece of clothing.

SOURCE: Kickstarter