Battlefield V headlines PlayStation Plus games for May

Later this week, the calendar will flip over to May, which means it'll be time for a new batch of PlayStation Plus games. Sony today revealed what those games are, announcing a pair of free games for PlayStation 4 and one game that's specifically for PlayStation 5. It seems that Sony has some fairly big names lined up for May as well.

PlayStation 5 users will be getting a copy of Wreckfest: Drive Hard, Die Last for free next month. A competitive racer that's described as "full-contact," players will have to upgrade their cars so they can survive some reckless driving on the road to the finish line. Wreckfest offers up multiplayer modes that can support as many as 24 players and challenge modes that even put you behind the wheel of crop harvesters, so it could be worth the bandwidth for those who enjoy strange racing games.

On PlayStation 4, there are two fairly big names on offer. The first is Battlefield V, the most recent Battlefield game to come out of DICE and EA. This is the Battlefield title that brought the series back to World War 2, and while DICE and EA have already confirmed that there's a new mainline Battlefield game coming later this year, there's probably still plenty of time to dive into Battlefield V before it's succeeded by that new title.

The second game up for grabs for PlayStation 4 will be Stranded Deep, an open world survival game that tasks you with surviving the Pacific Ocean. Like a lot of survival games these days, you'll have to keep an eye on your health, thirst, and exposure levels as you play, making survival a more complicated matter than making sure you don't get find yourself face-to-face with a hungry shark.

Even though Wreckfest is also available on PlayStation 4, it's important to note that it will only be available for PS5 users next month. All of these games will be available from May 4th until through May 31st. April's games are still available to claim and will be until May 3rd, so be sure to add those to your library if you haven't already.