Battlefield V final standalone update detailed: June release expected

Battlefield V Senior Producer Ryan McArthur has dropped some new details about the game and its future, explaining that the team is aiming to push out a new update in June. The current "Into the Jungle" chapter is scheduled to end on April 29; fans can expect one more standalone update with new content, weapons, and what are vaguely referred to as 'game tweaks.'

As with many people around the world, the Battlefield V team is working from home, which makes things a bit tricky and is the reason we don't have a solid release date for the next update. According to McArthur, the team is aiming for a June release, though that date isn't set in stone and may end up changing.

The standalone update will bring new content, but the particulars about that haven't been revealed at this time. Players can also expect weekly rewards in the form of Battlefield Currency and Company Coins, which can be used for unlocking gear.

Joining these will be various activities and events, including Friday Night Battlefield servers and Throwback Thursdays. The team will also continue working on Community Games Updates, according to McArthur, who says that players will soon know when to expect them.

Beyond that, work continues on dealing with cheaters. The Battlefield V anti-cheat team is hard at work on the topic, but McArthur notes that they can't provide any technical details about the effort for the obvious reason that it would help cheaters circumvent the efforts.