Battlefield 4: Second Assault detailed at E3

Battlefield 4 was announced back towards the end of March. It was during that earlier announcement when we learned the title was heading to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Windows. Today, during the Microsoft E3 announcement we got a bit of a look at Battlefield 4 for the Xbox One. And in addition, there was also word of an item that will be an exclusive for those playing on the Xbox One.

Basically, Battlefield 4: Second Assault will launch with a map pack that will first be available for the Xbox One. Otherwise, those looking to get a jump on the release can already move forward with a pre-order. Those pre-orders are available from the Origin website and the game is priced at $59.99.

Otherwise, EA also released a decent sized game trailer back in March. That trailer came in at just over 17 minutes which gave a look at the prologue of the game which included a squad of soldiers that were on the run from Russian spec-op soldiers in Azerbaijan, Baku. Just in case the news of the exclusive map pack and earlier trailer were not enough, it was said today that they are "introducing a new era of Battlefield."

The demo shown today was a large fight on an aircraft carrier that spilled over to the water and then to other boats. Once into these other (smaller) boats the gameplay shifted to getting away from the carrier itself to avoiding enemy boats and aircraft. Basically at this point, we are just waiting for the release of the console and the game so we can get down to playing.